Immaculate Reflections


Cleared for Landing

You may have recently heard the news that NASA hired a bunch of religious leaders of varying stripes to advise on how their various flocks might react to an alien invasion. That sounds a lot like the U.S.’s official leader in space exploration has begun developing the ultimate crisis management plan for an impending global event. After a flurry of news stories and a related twitter storm, NASA denied hiring religious advisors saying it had simply funded a research group of religious scholars to look into alien encounters. But one is left wondering whether the intent was simply a scholarly exercise in comparative theology on a quirky topic or actual reconnaissance.

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Bring on the silver bracelet cuffs

All eyes are now on Attorney General Merrick Garland, the way they were once on Robert Mueller. And now, just like then, hope springs eternal that we will finally get the closure that only a Trump family perp walk can bring. But we are no longer the innocents we were during Mueller time. Then, we believed that a team of brilliant prosecutors were expertly and relentlessly winding together multiple evidential threads of corruption, abuse of power, obstruction of justice, financial wrongdoing, criminal acts and outrageous nepotism.

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Pope disses puppy love

The Pope really stepped in it recently when he said people should have kids not dogs. Telling people who to sleep with is one thing; telling women they have no choice about bearing children is another thing. But telling us that our fur babies are less worthy than other babies is a bit too high and mighty, not to mention, far from ‘wise and wonderful.’

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Facts are passé: It’s trust we need

Patriarchy believes it is omnipotent, able to overcome the direst threats to survival. We can dodge an asteroid headed straight for earth by simply knocking it off course with our own man-made projectile. What could go wrong?

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‘Keep your fuckin’ mouth shut’

I was shocked when several friends expressed concern for my safety when I launched this website. Yes, I’ve been writing about white supremacy, racism, patriarchy, toxic masculinity and other topics that tend to rile. But it never occurred to me that I should “be careful, not include identifying info on the site, maybe reconsider….” I live in small-town Ontario (Kingston) not in Brunswick, Georgia FFS. It's true that my particular editorial bent triggers intense animosity in some quarters. But I live by a journalistic ethos, which embraces different viewpoints, criticism, the cut and thrust. When writing editorials for the Kingston Whig-Standard decades ago, I was occasionally attacked for my views in a letter to the editor. One that really got to me branded me “a feminista who thinks all men are rapists.” Ouch! A bit of a leap I thought!

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Time for Ford to join hands with feds

Ontario and Ottawa are reportedly on the brink of an agreement on the Liberal government’s offer of $10 a day child-care. We’ll believe it when we see it. Feminists have been fighting for a national universal child-care program for more than five decades and seen it all: the royal commissions, parliamentary committees, Red Books, and national frameworks that perennially propel the child-care promise to the top of election campaign agendas but never into law.

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