Noteworthy or Cringeworthy


Supreme pride and joy

When Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court this week, history was being made on three fronts. Jackson is the first Black women appointed to serve on the high court; Kalama Harris, America’s first female vice president and a Black women, presided over the confirmation hearing; and Ann Berry, first secretary of the Senate appointed a year ago and a Black woman, was there to officially sign off on the historic 53 to 47 vote.

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Thank you, Sarah Polley

Too little to late. Sarah Polley no doubt knew that her recent revelation about an ugly encounter with Jean Ghomeshi would subject her to criticism. If only she had come forward six years ago, when other women were in court fighting for justice, she could have helped win a guilty verdict. Her celebrity, her credibility, her place in our hearts as the innocent girl of Avonlea could have made all the difference. Dream on!

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Anne smashes the patriarchy

Who knew that all along Canadian girls have been exposed to   subversive material every time they’ve curled up with one of the country’s most beloved children’s books.

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Nasty woman for prime minister

The federal government's wonder woman has caught the wandering eye of Canadians. Chrystia Freeland, the deputy prime minister who doubles as Finance Minister, has proven to be capable and unflappable with even the most challenging political assignments.

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What would Neil Young do?

Musician and songwriter Neil Young continues to use his fame to do good. The man whose distinctive falsetto voice is like chocolate-included endorphins to the Canadian psyche, recently challenged Spotify to choose between him and Joe Rogan, the man whose podcasts pushes what Young calls life-threatening Covid misinformation.”

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Brothers Grimm

It is a rare sighting indeed: a side-by-side meteoric rise in fame and adulation followed by back-to-back flame-outs.  We swooned over Andrew Cuomo for his daily COVID news for keeping it real with stats about infections, hospital beds and deaths. We had him on his way to the Oval Office

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