More freedom from the ticking clock

While some U.S. states are doing all they can to limit reproductive choice for women, the UK government is moving to increase their reproductive freedom by extending the length of time frozen eggs can be stored. Under proposed legislation, a ten-year limit would increase to 55 years, giving women a lot more choice and flexibility over when they can start their families. “By making these changes, we are going to take a huge step forward – not just for giving people greater freedom over their fertility, but for equality too,” notes UK Health minister Sajid Javid. The U.S. government is also assessing the 10-year rule. In Canada, women can keep their eggs frozen for as long as they want but guidelines recommend using them before they turn 50. While the baby boom that many predicted has not materialized, fertility clinics including in Canada have seen an upsurge in the past year in the number of women wanting to freeze their eggs.


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