President for a nanosecond

This is no way to make history. First Kamala Harris becomes the first female president of the United States while Joe Biden goes under for a colonoscopy. Her presidency lasted 90 minutes. Then Sweden’s Social Democratic Party leader Magdalena Andersson wins last week’s election to become the first female prime minister, and that lasts just one day. Andersson resigned after her coalition partner withdrew its support and her first budget didn’t win parliamentary support. But hey, after the Hillary Clinton debacle when the dream of a super bright, compassionate, and eminently experienced woman as president morphed into a four-year global nightmare, we’re not above celebrating the technicality of a 90-minute presidency. “Just to be clear to everyone who has ever said Vice President #KamalaHarris will never be President…you’re wrong. I will be saying Madam President all day, tweeted political commentator Reecie Colbert. Happily, celebrations resumed in Sweden and beyond after a new vote on Monday led to Andersson’s reappointment as Prime Minister.