Woman-hating games for suckers

Many Korea women are boycotting Squid Game, Netflix’s blockbuster new reality game achieving unheard of levels of popularity within just weeks. Excessively violent and beyond weird, the game gives desperately poor people a chance to win money by playing classic children’s games like red light, green light that inevitably turn bloody. “Squid Game is a threat to women with its exclusively male gaze and disturbing reproductions of violence again women which reinforces misogyny and clearly supports patriarchy,” a Korean feminist spokesperson told Al Jazeera. The degradation of women is often a component of the entertainment game formula. Offending video game examples include Grand Theft Auto and RedDead Redemption. An even more in-your-face example of women-hating is the YouTube video Beating Up an Annoying Feminist, which gives a player the chance to assault a woman talking about her right to vote.