On a mission with M&Ms

The amazing interrogator in chief is at it again. This time, U.S. Representative Katie Porter, brought props of M&Ms and large sacs of rice to last week’s House Oversight Committee to illustrate how big oil companies are deceiving the public. Executives from Exxon, Chevron, Shell and BP were asked to defend pronouncements that they are helping to address climate change with their investments in green energy. From her home garage, Porter demonstrated the difference between what they spend on searching for new reserves of oil and gas versus green energy initiatives. Allowing streams of rice to flow out of the back trunk of her car – each grain representing one acre of land – Porter landed her point of just how many acres (13.9 million) the fossil fuel guys have in reserve for future exploration. “To me, this does not look like an adequate response to one of the defining challenges of our time,” Porter added. 


Video courtesy of YouTube