Womb weirdness

Anderson Cooper is letting it be known that his late mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, was sweet but also wacko. The CNN anchor says that after she was told by her gynecologist that her uterus was in good shape, the then 85-year-old offered, more than once, to carry a child for him. Wanting nothing to do with that freak show, Anderson gently declined with all the respect deserving such a momentous if twisted gesture. While on the topic of Anderson’s progeny, can we agree that the gushing over him and baby-by-surrogate is wearing thin. Yes, little Wyatt is the cutest baby ever, along with 99.9 per cent of other babies born. And yes, isn’t Anderson the coolest Dad ever with his enchantment over Wyatt’s fixation with his own toes and adorable babbling “in a dialect of Hindu or Urdu, I’m not sure”. Anderson knows he’s fortunate and often says so. But I doubt he gets the extent of it. It’s nice that a 55-year-old-guy, heterosexual or gay, can begin to think about family once having built a successful career without distraction. I guess it’s conceivable, so to speak, that a woman at the same age with the same financial means could thaw an egg or two. Some how I doubt that the popular response would be quite so “what a wonderful mother.”     


photo courtesy of Creative Commons