Macho men front and centre please

Chinese leaders have long let it be known that they don’t like girls. That is plainly seen in the staggering number of girls they have caused to be sacrificed through abortion during the country’s one-child policy and the number that they have exported through adoption. Now the country is letting it be known that it doesn’t like anything girly either, and that includes ‘sissified’ men. China recently announced new rules to combat the propagation of non macho images. Under new rules, the country’s media must “resolutely put an end to sissy men and other abnormal esthetics.” This anti-girl thing, rooted in a centuries-old patriarchal society, has caused a few problems including an epic population warp (43 million more males than females) with huge numbers of unmarried men and rampant sex trafficking, prostitution, and violent crimes. Maybe its time to loosen up on the girl vibes.