Words that threaten dominant story line

Conservative lawmakers in Wisconsin want to ban the following words among others from schools: whiteness, white supremacy, structural bias, structural racism, systemic bias, systemic racism, equity, multi-culturism and, of course, patriarchy. It’s an attempt to strip educators of the vernacular needed to teach students about concepts of racial injustice and systemic discrimination. Controlling the historical narrative about the land of the free has become a preoccupation of some GOP members in other states also concerned about the ‘psychological stress’ caused to students subjected to such instruction. A social studies teacher in Tennessee was fired last month for addressing the issue of white privilege in the classroom. We can never let this disdain for confronting truth take hold in Canada where the teaching of systemic race theory is a critical part of our commitment to Indigenous people and all Canadians as part of reconciliation and recovery from horrible racist abuses of the past.