Immaculate Reflections


Health-care crisis: conspiracy theory or patriarchy at work

Doug Ford, get your white, male-privileged paws off our health-care system. Canada’s universal public health-care system, so long a symbol of our national identity and source of international pride, is being dismantled before our eyes. We can no longer discount conspiracy theories that the Ford government is calculatedly starving Ontario’s public health system as a […]

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Dear Vatican: The bill is in the mail

Now that the Canadian government has announced a $40-billion package of restitution and reform related to residential schools and other cruel methods of assimilation, it should follow-up by issuing an official invoice to the Vatican for its modest, agreed-to share of the reparations.

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Trump barely playing checkers let alone three-dimensional chess

Vice-chair of the Jan. 6 committee Liz Cheney attempted to reboot sanity and reality when she rejected any suggestion that Donald Trump is too stupid or ignorant to be held responsible for his actions. “This, of course, is nonsense,” Cheney said at a recent hearing.  “President Trump is a 76-year-old man. He is not an impressionable child. Just like everyone else in our country, he is responsible for his own actions and his own choices.”

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Pondering the minds of men

It’s hard to decipher the twisted logic that led Hockey Canada to use its National Equity Fund to settle claims of sexual assault. Did they honesty believe that ‘making it all go away‘ was advancing the cause of equity?

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On the frontlines in the war of the wombs

Why do so many women collude in their own oppression? When will we en masse kick off the heels, wipe off the make-up, rip off the veils, lose the rosary beads, stop reflecting men at twice their natural size and, most importantly, turn our backs on religion?

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Pleading not guilty for having one too many

Every day in Canada, intoxicated men terrorize and brutalize the women, children. and animals in their lives. Often, the violence leads to death. Between 2016 and 2020, 761 women and girls were killed – an average of one every 2.5 days. Sexual violence against women, particularly Indigenous women remains tragically common and has devastating consequences. […]

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