Pondering the minds of men

It’s hard to decipher the twisted logic that led Hockey Canada to use its National Equity Fund to settle claims of sexual assault. Did they honesty believe that ‘making it all go away‘ was advancing the cause of equity?

The fund, made up of revenue from minor hockey registration fees, has been used to cover “uninsured liabilities include potential claims for historical sexual abuse.”  This has garnered public outrage, especially since it was revealed that the organization settled a lawsuit with a woman who reported being assaulted by eight unnamed players, including members of the country’s 2018 world junior team four years ago.

As opposed to achieving equity through such a practice, Hockey Canada was helping players avoid full responsibility for crimes of sexual assault. The organization has now come to its senses or at least bowed to public pressure and vowed to stop using the fund for such purposes. But we are still left mystified by the workings of the minds of some men.


photo courtesy of Creative Commons