Honk Honk for Cecily Strong

Cecily Strong took on the Texas abortion ban on this week’s show wearing a red rubber clown nose and spinning bow tie. And her dark, quirky routine clearly based on personal experience left a nation-wide female audience laughing, crying and grateful for the Honk Honk straight talk. On Weekend Update with Colin Yost, even the helium she sucked from a balloon didn’t blunt the impact of her Goober-the- clown message: “Colin, here is my truth: I know I wouldn’t be a clown on TV here today if it weren’t for the abortion I had the day before my 23rd birthday,” she said. “Clowns have been helping each other end their pregnancies since the caves. It’s going to happen, so it ought to be safe, legal, and accessible. Not back to the alley. The last thing anyone wants is a bunch of dead clowns in a dark alley.” Honk Honk! The overwhelming and positive twitter response to Strong’s brilliant bit showed how hungry the world is for some no-nonsense, girl humour with a balloon twist.


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