Pope disses puppy love

The Pope really stepped in it recently when he said people should have kids not dogs. Speaking on parenthood last week, Pope Francis lamented that too many people preferred pets over children, a trend that “diminishes us, it takes away our humanity.” Telling people who to sleep with is one thing; telling women they have no choice about bearing children is another thing. But telling us that our fur babies are less worthy than other babies is a bit too high and mighty, not to mention, far from ‘wise and wonderful.’ Does the Pop know he’s messing with a true maternal bond? It turns out that when women say they love their dogs as much as they love their children, they really mean it. Using brain imaging, U.S. researchers compared brain activity of women while looking at photos of their children and their dogs and found they matched. But all that aside, we don’t need more babies on this overpopulated earth, and we don’t take care of the babies and children we do have. The pope should come up with another way to fill his church pews.


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons