Noteworthy or Cringeworthy


Men kill more women when times get tough

Women dying from COVID-19 aren’t just dying from the disease but also from the increase in family violence brought on by stay-at-home orders. A new University of Guelph study finds that there has been a steady increase in femicide over the period of the pandemic. The lockdowns haven’t turned non-violent men into violent men, says […]

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Rethinking life, rethinking investments

Ethical investing originated in the Age of Aquarius aka the sixties when hippies with money were seeking ways to invest in the stock market without feeling guilty. This interest in aligning financial planning with values known as ESG investing (environmental, social and governance) has been growing for decades. Now, in the age of the coronavirus, […]

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Keeping a leg up for whites

A common notion amongst the historically privileged is that affirmative action is making it harder for whites to get into prestigious schools like Harvard. The fact is that affirmative action at Harvard is doing exactly what it has been doing for centuries: giving admission preference to big donors, the athletically gifted, the well-connected and alumni. […]

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Honk Honk for Cecily Strong

Cecily Strong took on the Texas abortion ban on this week’s show wearing a red rubber clown nose and spinning bow tie. And her dark, quirky routine clearly based on personal experience left a nation-wide female audience laughing, crying and grateful for the Honk Honk straight talk. On Weekend Update with Colin Yost, even the […]

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Having nerve and hitting nerves

Two leaders in Canada’s academic community are telling what it was like to be the first women to become university presidents. Dr. Martha Piper was president of the University of British Columbia from 1997 to 2006, and vice-chancellor in 2015 and 2016; Dr. Indira Samarasekera was president and vice-chancellor of the University of Alberta from 2005 […]

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Moisturize…fix those bottom teeth

The age-old curse of aging on female Hollywood actors is on full display on social media now that Sarah Jessica Parker and her fictional besties from Sex and the City are daring to show their faces on screen again. However expected the reaction, in a world that recoils from women who age naturally, it still […]

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